Kentucky Tour de Dance

Meet the players, soak up the culture, and explore flatfooting and clogging improvisation in this unique virtual dance-class-meets-road-trip!

If you love music, dancing, and Kentucky culture, give yourself this fun class where you'll learn more about improv and get a taste of traveling the hills and byways, completely at your own pace.

You might not be able to travel through Kentucky right now, but in this 6-session course, you'll come along with me as I do, hanging out on porches, chatting about tunes, seeing me jam with the musicians, and hearing them tell about where they learned the music and how they got their start.
Then, when I get back home, I'll break it down and create a dance class video showing steps and ideas for improvising with each tune!

In this program,

you will…


  • Virtually travel along to a different Kentucky locale each session.

    We'll visit Bath, Estill, Letcher, Knott, and other counties, and hear lots of fiddle and banjo tunes!
  • Listen to interviews with the musicians, telling about their background in the music, and how they learned the tunes they're going to share.

    Stories make life more interesting, and one of the beautiful things about learning Appalachian culture from actual mountain folks is the context they provide for the material!
  • Watch a video of Carla dancing along to the tune, improvising on the fly!

    This will just be me, doing whatever steps come to mind with a tune I probably don't know, so you can see one version of improvising from scratch!
  • Receive a video dance lesson to go with each tune, showing ideas, steps, and tips to improvise with that specific tune.

    This is when I'll get more specific about what steps will work best with the tune, address any idiosyncrasies in the music, and share my best tricks for improv.
  • And more!

    Spend some special time with some of Kentucky's amazing tradition-bearers, and get inspired for your dancing and your picking, too!

Dancer and musician Carla Gover brings 30 years of teaching, dancing AND musical experience to the class, and her clear and patient teaching style will help you master the steps and the ways they work together as an integral part of the old-time string band.


Maddy M.

“I have always told myself the story that "I can't pick up steps, otherwise I'd be a decent dancer"  But your really clear instructions and videos have increased my confidence no end. I have always LOVED watching flatfooters at festivals, but your instruction has finally made it all click. I am finally NOT frustrated!"

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The Complete Package

$177 USD

  • Six video sessions with travel footage and interviews with the musicians.

  • Six videos of the musicians playing the tune.

  • Six videos of me improvising with the musicians.

  • Six video lessons to accompany the tunes, digging into specifics about improvising to each individual piece.

    All of this material will be released every two weeks into the digital course platform for you to complete at your own pace, and reference as needed in the future!


Still thinking about it? Kentucky Tour de Dance PERFECT for… 

  • The person who would LOVE to travel through Kentucky living it up and meeting musicians, but can't swing it right now.
  • The person who has learned some steps here and there, but needs help putting it all together.
  • The person who has studied with me before and wants to continue the journey with a different twist.
  • The person who wants to work up to jamming more where live music is being played!!
  • The person who can't get enough of All Things Appalachian and maybe even wants to learn a tune or two along with the dancing!